Lounger Bed Kennel Mat


Size: L
Sale price$70.24


  • High-quality materials: Sturdy memory foam base, which can perfectly fit the pet's body and maximize comfort; Memory foam using flame retardant; Sturdy bottom is very suitable for senior dogs who occasionally have accidents; Fabric provision Unparalleled warmth and comfort; The pillow is large and fluffy, breathable and comfortable, and has good resilience.
  • Better design: High-density memory foam can provide excellent overall comfort and long-lasting sleep experience; The bottom is lined with lining to prevent the bed from slipping off; Soft and comfortable cotton pillow
  • Easy to maintain: The detachable cover is machine washable, just remove the cover and zip it up Easy to find and take off your hair; Don't soak in water for a long time, and don't tumble dry for a drying effect better
  • Sleeping surface: The sleeping surface is lined with super plush artificial fur, while the pillow is wrapped in suede that is easy to care for; both are soft-touch fabrics, and no pet can resist.

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