Flying Saucer Feeder


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MENTALLY STIMULATE YOUR DOG: This food-dispensing dog toy keeps dogs mentally and physically active while they play.

SLOWER HEALTHIER FEEDING: Special ‘ Slow-Feeding’ inner structure controls the eating speed of your pets. Your naturally competitive and fast-eating dogs get to take only what has been falling out as they roll the ball. This results in slow feeding which improves digestion.

EASY TO USE AND CLEAN: Our interactive treat dispensing dog toys conveniently uses your dog's favorite dry treats or kibble. It is made from hard plastic that disassembles for easy cleaning. Rinse in warm soapy water and dry after use.

IMPROVES PHYSICAL & MENTAL HEALTH: Since food is not easy being served on a silver platter, your pooch will be able to break a sweat. He will be able to use his eye-paw coordination to play and rock the ball as he eats taking both physical & mental capabilities into full use. This helps improve intelligence and is an effective IQ training tool.

WEAR-RESISTANT AND BITE-RESISTANT: Special anti-bite material, can withstand large dog bites.


  • The ufo shape design brings a lot of fun for pets.
  • Good size and volume, put snacks and food inside.
  • The operation is simple, just open the cap, put in the food, tighten and lock it.
  • It is not easy to fall off.
  • Small outlets for snacks and food will make your pet full of energy, curiosity, and intelligence.


  • Color: Blue/Yellow
  • Size: 16*11cm/6.3*4.33"
  • Material: Plastic

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