Cooling Mat Pad Summer


Size: XL
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  • About this item.
  •  Great for Summer Day - Summer could be extra hot for our Furry Friend. This mat with Cool Core fabric is designed to offer a cool summer for them.
  •  Cool Materials - Built with the Cool fabric, the mat feels cool but not cold. The proprietary construction helps manage and distribute pet body heat, and if work up a sweat, it rapidly cools through regulated evaporation.
  •  Foldable & Portable - Super cool, non-allergic, waterproof and portable, can be folded up as a small pack, that means you can carry it for outdoor activities like Hiking Camping, convenient to use it wherever you want.
  •  Easy to Clean and Wash - Other brands use topical chemicals that not only can be harmful to your skin, but after only a few washes, prevent the cooling properties of the product are no longer effective. The Cool core cooling technology is built into the fabrics fibers, preventing any decline in the performance and keeping it’s cooling properties for the life of the garment.
  • Size for Choose -S- M- L- XL- XS
  • Colors: Sky blue, Pink, Brown, Gray.

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